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Estonia’s president: Ukraine towns look much like those elsewhere in Europe

China has faced accusations of using forced Uyghur labour, operating a mass surveillance programme, detaining thousands in internment camps, carrying out forced sterilisations and intentionally destroying Uyghur heritage in the Xinjiang region. And this is just the beginning. ICIS is launching Power Horizon, a pan European Power price forecast on 17 September. Baltic Countries Mineral Industry Handbook 2015, Volume 1: Strategic Information andRegulations, World Business and Investment Library, InternationalBusiness Publications, Washington, DC. On March 8, 27 former diplomats and foreign policy heavyweights published an open letter calling for a limited no fly zone to protect humanitarian corridors. 11 Apr 2022 14:19 GMT. By rethinking image acquisition and transforming 3D from human like perception to robotic vision – the startup is building the world’s first Software Defined 3D Camera SD3D Camera. The secret girls school defying the Taliban. A look at what’s happening in European soccer on Saturday. They’re going to ensure the robust defense of our NATO allies. It says that instructions on how to carry out cyber warfare are circulating in Russian on Russian websites. For Russia’s strategy, „Driving a wedge between trans Atlantic partners is likely at least as important as Ukraine itself. The sun never really sets during peak summer in Estonia’s capital—it just grazes the horizon line before rising again. „Much better uses could be found for this money in the current crisis – either in the healthcare sector or to support long term economic solutions. „Only harsh sanctions against the energy sector would really hurt Russia — other sanctions are rather a disturbance than an obstacle, and Moscow is confident it can work around them. Title in English: Business DayDescription: The online version of an Estonian business related daily. Estonia’s blocking of external servers is in his opinion a smart response but can only work for a country of „1. Unlike other media houses in Estonia, it also takes micro payments for single articles, which have stable sales and give the audience more choice without driving down subscription numbers. Controlled crypto organizations have until March 18, 2022 to bring their activities and administrative work into consistency. As a consequence of World War 2, Estonia was occupied illegally for almost half a century by the Soviet Union, which organised migration into Estonia from across the Soviet Union as part of a policy of 'Russiafication’ in occupied territories and replacing the large numbers of locals who were deported. Estonian long term D visa /temporary resident permit applicants please book an online appointment – add personal details name, phone, e mail, pre filled visa application number and add to the comment the main reason for applying D visa/resident permit and For example: D visa to study in the University name. This page gathers key information on Estonia’s participation in the WTO. Valieva shattered her own world record in the short program with a score of 90. Russian planes will now be unable to land in, take off from or fly over any EU nation. The size of the deployment could be somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 US military personnel.

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Kaupo Meiel: No time for spring lethargy this year

The website was developed using the free open source software Elxis CMS by the Web Development Teamof Foreign Ministry’s ST2 Directorate for Telecommunications and Information Technologies. President @ZelenskyyUA signed EU membership application for Ukraine. The meeting will mark Putin’s first face to face talks with a counterpart from the EU since Russia launched its invasion. Information warfare: Is Russia really interfering in European states. The advisory was based on increased scanning activity, and what it means for organizations in general is: don’t be the low hanging fruit. Post Soviet Estonia: From collective farms to digital powerhouse. ACCEPTING VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATIONS ARE PROVIDED ONLY ON THE BASIS OF APPOINTMENTS Name in the appointment must match the name in the passport. Contact our newsroom to report an update or send your story, photos and videos. The launch of the DIANA programme is planned in 2023. In addition, allied governments have barred Russia from using the U. Com visited by 613 000 Estonian internet Users with PC. In the last 15 years, he has co founded several startups, amongst others Starship Technologies and Skype. The fall of the Soviet Union, 30 years on. 4 RXR and Deputy Commander, Task Force 61/2, said. The average internet speeds did not change during most stringent COVID 19 lockdown periods. The MoE should review these methodsand establish a common approach. For example, Worksup was used at the Manufuture 2017 conference, The Future of Work: Making It e Easy conference, SmartEST Taxation, Futur e Justice, and many more. Another successful bilingual project is Linnaleht, a free daily printed five times per week in both languages. In contrast, Estonia have been regular opponents for Northern Ireland with Ian Baraclough’s side having won a friendly 1 0 in Tallinn as recently as September and the countries also having met in their Euro 2020 qualifying group when a 2 0 home win in Belfast by Michael O’Neill’s side was followed by a 2 1 away success. There is one country, together with few others, already living the experience of being part of the Digital Age. Unfortunately, the question of who the „liberators of Tallinn” actually are is a complicated and controversial one. This analogous conflict of cyber attrition is one sided, in which one team always infiltrates and the other always blocks. Newsletter to have our top stories delivered directly to your inbox. And native Russian speakers don’t just vote, but also win elections. Article 111 of the Electronic Communications Act outlines various restrictions on how this data can be stored and used. Their commitment to avoid routine flaring at new oil fields is encouraging and imperative if we are to end this 160 year old industry practice,” said Zubin Bamji, Program Manager for GGFR. The Estonian landscape is largely the product of glacial activity. The newspaper covering sports, business, lifestyles, politics, and more. Opening hours of the Visa and Consular Unit are. Please book an appointment on our registration site.

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Estonia’s Most Successful Company Adcash is Hiring

Migraine is a condition suffered by billions worldwide, and with medtech a growing industry, the solution they are offering is pertinent. 1 However, during the coverage period, researchers reported that the Estonian government had used Circles, a surveillance technology that allows government agencies to intercept data by taking advantage of loopholes in mobile telecommunications infrastructure. Estonian environmental organisations consider the government’s decision irresponsible in light of the ongoing pandemic, Estonia’s future and the EU’s climate goals. The Labour leader says he „stands steadfast in solidarity” with Ukraine in its struggle against Russia. BELGRADE, Serbia AP — For some European countries watching Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine, there are fears that they could be next. TALLINN – Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on Friday met with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, who is on a visit to Estonia, to talk about the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid and Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine as well as opportunities to assist Ukraine. Should the Russian military manage to recover its footing and resume progress, however halting, more extreme options may be held in reserve. The CNN Wire™ and , a WarnerMedia Company. Among the locomotives is a widely known unicorn Grammarly, which raised $90M in 2019. ” The two day educational event lead directly into the European Week of Sport which got underway officially with a Friday night adventure trip. He somehow managed to hoick over the bar, one of those when the old cliche of It Was Harder To Miss really was geometrically true. The planning of the network is influenced by the rapiddevelopment of technology, changes in electricity production and consumption patterns, and economicand demographic trends. The working language at the hub is English and international members are always welcome. For the lieutenant governor’s race, Thornton said his campaign’s theme is „leadership defending liberty.

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5% to 664,900 tonnes. The ICT market is relatively diverse with no significantly dominant companies. „The industry feels like there was a lot of arbitrary treatment” when interacting with Estonian regulators, Jerome Dickinson, chief legal counsel at OSOM Finance, told CoinDesk in an interview. Now, unless they get further support from their allies, some worry they could be the next target of the Kremlin and the very bombs and missiles that it has used to level Ukrainian cities. „Artists need to focus on their work and we need to have a support structure behind them. Weekly newspaper serving Harju County, Estonia. „I think inside all of us, a voice cries out „Hey, change the world. Biz maintained its high standard of reporting on all the news from around the globe on a daily basis. Economic and cultural freedom have been good to Estonians—and, as a result, their contemporary art scene has never been stronger. If you would like to be notified about the events, trainings and workshops running by ELIXIR Estonia, consider subscribing to the announcements mailing list. The target of 10% in transport was however not reached 5. My mom had to take me out,’ he wrote, adding, 'Good times. It advocatedthe concentration of peat mining in existing peat production areas, aswell as the reuse or restoration of abandoned peat production areas. It can also require a huge amount of water to produce and generates a lot more waste material which then needs to be disposed of. It was another successful day for Russia, which also swept the podium in the pairs event. Among the locomotives is a widely known unicorn Grammarly, which raised $90M in 2019. HAVE YOUR SAY Massive cyber attack is warfare Ront, Tallinn Send us your comments He says that experts point out that botnets the term given to the groups of computers that mount denial of service attacks can be located across several countries, or even continents. TALLINN – On Tuesday, April 19, the United States embassy in Tallinn begins its „100 D. „In deciding the verdict, the court took into account the fact that he had no criminal record,” he said. In truth, the majority of Russian speakers in Estonia can vote in all national and local elections because they are Estonian citizens. And it’s not just native Russian speaking politicians who are focused on engaging Russian speaking voters and improving their situation, including through integration. Here you can find basic information about the websites of Estonian printed newspapers and magazines, with direct links. BRUSSELS AP — NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned Thursday that the military alliance would defend every inch of its territory should Russia attack a member country, as he slammed Moscow for launching a brutal act of war on Ukraine. Colonial Pipeline, SolarWinds, JBS Foods, Kia Motors, Kaseya, the Washington D. VideoChina’s silenced feminist: How a journalist went missing. Support insidethegames. Al Jazeera could not independently verify these figures. The French macaron shrouded in secrecy.

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No podium celebration would’ve taken place if Valieva finished within the top three because of her doping scandal. History is more interesting than politics,’ Lennart Meri, president of Estonia 1992 2001, is reported to have said. By continuing its large scale military action against Ukraine, Russia violates international law as well as its voluntarily international commitments in the most egregious way possible. 2014, „The long and windingroad from black to green: Decades of structural change in the Ruhrregion”, International Journal of LabourResearch, Vol. The fall of the Soviet Union, 30 years on. HELSINKI AP — Estonia is considering new coronavirus restrictions on top of the ones that took effect a day ago but is seeking to avoid a general lockdown like the one neighboring Latvia has imposed to counter the rapid spread of the virus. „When I first came to Estonia, everything was difficult for me,” she explains. The same is true for Estonia’slonger term plans to capture semi coke gas, a by‐product of shaleoil production, and use it as a fuel for electricity and heatgeneration. So, on balance, is Europe a safer or more dangerous place if either or both of these countries become a part of Nato. Here’s everything you need to know about Valieva’s doping scandal, beginning with the latest updates. Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center. 3 An April 2020 report from the cybersecurity company Recorded Future identified an apparent Kremlin backed disinformation operation aimed at undermining „the government of Estonia and its relationship with the EU while exploiting the ongoing European migrant crisis,” including by disseminating forged government communiqués. Estonia is also one of the first countries in the world that legalised testing of self driving vehicles on all public roads in the country in 2017 which has triggered a wave of inventions for self driving vehicles. Cookies also allow us and our partners to show you relevant ads whenyou visit our site and other 3rd party websites, including social networks. Prices are at a very high level across Europe due to increased demand caused by cold weather. Anchors for ETV+ have to be especially careful covering the war. Thanks for reading this Clockwatch. Advice from renowned doctors is available at Kliinik. There are some similarities which can be drawn from the experiences that managers at Ekspress Grupp and Äripäev shared about their success. Title in English: Sirp. View all macro and energy indicators in the Estonia energy report. Baltic states end Russian gas imports – but can the rest of Europe follow suit. According to its latest transparency report July December 2020, neither Facebook1 nor Twitter2 received any content removal requests from the government. However, no final decision has yet been taken and Nato insists reinforcements would only be sent to act as a deterrent. Estonia’s largest website, Delfi, was fined in 2013 for one of these comments and referred the case to the European Court of Human Rights ECHR. 1 As of February 2021, 163 petitions had been launched, out of which 80 gathered the necessary support to be sent to Parliament. Newsbeat music reporter in Rotterdam. This is likely another vigilante/hacktivist activity, as assumed by the victims in a statement. During the three day visit, 11 sites were visited in Estonia. Mari Kalkun, one of the best known Estonian folk music singer songwriters, has released a song, „Somewhere There’s War”, that she.

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What is it like to run a business in Estonia. The application anonymously logs users’ proximity to other users via Bluetooth technology and alerts them when they have been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID 19. The fall of the Soviet Union, 30 years on. As a result, nearly all Estonians could avail themselves of distance learning, virtual court procedures, and other digital public services offered during the COVID 19 pandemic. In response to the Covid 19 crisis, the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have implemented relief packages to support their local economies. A January study by the FIU said many of the licensed crypto firms had no staff and paid no taxes in Estonia, and had little to show in terms of money laundering checks and alerts, even when their turnover is hundreds of millions of euros. Otepää is also known as the „winter capital” of Estonia in contrast to the „summer capital” Pärnu. Estonian PM: 'Vaccine certificates are a way of doing things faster’. In this regard, the decision of the Estonian government is unacceptable and irrelevant to what the rest of the EU is trying to achieve. The level of investment is probably fairly significant. It is important to note that Russian, Ukrainian, and Western perspectives or „lenses” on what is escalatory may differ significantly in both time and space. 16 in the women’s short program, advancing her to the free skating competition on Feb. It is controlled by Ukrainian forces still, but there is speculation that if the Russians can take Slovyansk, then potentially they could move to encircle quite a sizeable portion of the Ukrainian forces in the east. EEO Report Terms of Use Privacy Policy FCC Applications. The renewable energy fee is levied by the state to subsidise the generation of electricity from renewablesources or the combined generation of heat and electricity in Estonia. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Embassy and Consular section will be closed Indian and Estonian bank holidays. ERR News is the English language service of Estonian Public Broadcasting, run by a fully independent editorial team. TALLINN, Estonia AP — Kamila Valieva underlined her status as the favorite for the women’s Olympic figure skating gold medal as she won the European title by a commanding 22 point margin on Saturday. Yet Soviet Russia then formed a 'non aggression pact’ with Nazi Germany, which included an agreement to divide up Europe between them into their own spheres of influence. „Of course we will sue, because we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that investors receive their payments,” Anton Siluanov said. „They’re using pretty much everything that they have in their arsenal from small arms all the way up to surface to air missiles to try to slow down the Russians. 12 This preliminary ruling affected many ongoing criminal proceedings as this type of evidence may be considered inadmissible. Acomparison with the service price increase of the CPI shows that in the last 10 years the networkservice price has become 11% cheaper. We’ll send you a myFT Daily Digest email rounding up the latest Tax news every morning. 11 Apr 2022 09:23 GMT. The system helped to spur economic regeneration.

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There will also be an economic cost for Sweden’s domestic arms industry if the country is obliged to buy Nato weapons instead of its own. It provides startup companies with services and a supporting environment for sharing ideas and finding solutions in collaboration with other entrepreneurs and experts. Sweden had been bossing things before that Greek opener. Despite Russian claims that it had established air superiority over the skies of Ukraine, the official said Ukraine’s airspace remains contested, with Ukrainian air defense systems and aircraft still operational. „Much better uses could be found for this money in the current crisis – either in the healthcare sector or to support long term economic solutions. Protests against Russia’s actions have taken place across Estonia among both Estonian and Russian speakers, including in the town of Narva, which is 95% Russian speaking. The website provides free access to its publications of the last three months. Even the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania countries that were once, unwillingly, part of the Soviet Union, have joined the alliance. The transition to green energy does not happen by itself. The GDP at current prices was 6. Estonia’s contribution is a great gesture of solidarity with the Government of Jordan, UNHCR and its partners that strive to deliver timely assistance to the refugees”, says Pia Prytz Phiri, UNHCR Regional Representative for the Baltic and Nordic countries. Estonia consistently ranks first or at the very top globally for political and civic freedom, including freedom of speech, media, and internet, while Russia’s own scores continue to decline from what is already a very low level. After some internal disagreements whether to kill the digital newspaper or not, the group went on to simplify the product, expecting that this would lead to an increase in digital subscriptions. There has been no independent verification of the claim and Ukraine has denied shelling the area, instead alleging the rebel forces had opened fire on them. The Christian majority includes a large slice of unaffiliated Christians, along with significant Evangelical Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox communities, as well as lesser numbers of Baptists, Methodists, and Roman Catholics.

Estonian PM asks economic affairs ministry for plan for upcoming heating season

These laws, together with the National Broadcasting Law 2007 represent the legal framework of media in Estonia. Ambassador Kumar presented his credentials to President Kersti Kaljulaid on February 9, 2021. Meanwhile, national news portal delfi. Protect yourself from the COVID 19 virus by choosing a service with the safety label. TALLINN, Estonia AP — Swedish lender Swedbank said Thursday it’s been informed by Estonian authorities that its local subsidiary is suspected of money laundering in the Baltic country from 2014 2016. One of the leading Estonian daily newspaper published in Tallinn, Estonia. TALLINN Starting from May 1, vaccine injury insurance was launched in Estonia, providing p. TALLINN The ministers of agriculture of the three Baltic countries met in Tartu at the invitati. 29 and combined total 272. TALLINN Starting from May 1, vaccine injury insurance was launched in Estonia, providing p. ALSO READ: A New Program is a Short Cut for Building the Metaverse. The Baltic country had the second highest GHG emission per capita in the EU in 2017 after Luxembourg, according to Eurostat. New York CNNIt’s hard to find out what’s going on inside Russia as its attack on Ukraine rages. Read about our approach to external linking. Today a small group of local private companies owns most newspapers, though some small publications receive aid from regional or municipal governments. VILNIUS – The EU energy sector is facing revolutionary changes, but political will be neede. It means no corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits, no capital tax, no property transfer taxes.

Lithuanian, Azerbaijani presidents talk Caucasus security situation, cooperation

New report claims fraudsters are using screen sharing tools to gain victims’ trust and then steal money. The information presented does not constitute legal advice. Russian soldier pleads guilty in war crimes trial. The funds were tendered out to connection providers, as well as based on individual applications to compensate the linking up fees by households. Estonia remained a Soviet republic until 1991, when, along with the other Baltic states, it declared its independence. Nato troops, he insisted, should pull back from all of these eastern European countries, and no new countries should be allowed to join. The Court of Arbitration of Sport CAS officially allowed Valieva’s continued participation in the Olympics on Feb. With just one match left to play in Group E, top ranked Belgium remained unbeaten and has an unassailable five point lead over second place Wales. Danske Bank is ac­cused of fun­nelling $230bn in il­lic­it funds through its Es­ton­ian branch. But what of 2017 when Russia is alleged to have launched the Notpetya computer virus against Ukraine but which then spilled over into other countries including Nato members damaging businesses at a cost of billions of dollars. Washington DC 20350 1200. Vladimir Putin now faces the real possibility of a stalled offensive, or even outright defeat. In March 2017 Postimees journalists accused daily’s owner of meddling with the editorial policy of the news outlet. The country’s largest lake is Peipus, with a surface area of about 1,370 square miles 3,550 square km, which is shared with Russia. „Today, revenue from labour taxes alone brings in €100 million to the state budget, and this figure is sure to increase in the future,” Sutt noted. All major newspapers have gone online in recent years, and several online only news portals have extensive readership. Popular Estonian newspaper based in Tallinn. The same taxation method applies to the acquisition of other goods and services like food, machinery, beauty goods, etc. As a result of the campaign, 27,000 foreign IT talents applied for a job in Estonia. The same tendency continued in the 2000s, which is why several media in Estonia were owned by foreign companies until recently.

April statistics of Lithuanian Airports: Kaunas Airport has already surpassed the pre pandemic levels

Mercator Ocean International is a non profit organisation, in the process of becoming an intergovernmental organisation, providing ocean science based services of general interest focused on the conservation and the sustainable use of the ocean and marine resources. Micromobility is one of the buzzwords of the moment in Europe’s startup scene, but so far, most startups are focusing on the actual method of mobility the ebikes, escooters and so on. EU struggles to reverse years of neglect on spending to improve road and rail to shift troops and tanks. Wales’ hopes of automatic qualification for next year’s World Cup were dealt a significant blow as Estonia ground out a 0 0 draw at the Cardiff City Stadium. TALLINN Starting from May 1, vaccine injury insurance was launched in Estonia, providing p. At this point, we need to emphasize that there is a certain overall lack of clarity with the new regulatory requirements. As Estonia calls for more Nato troops, Welsh soldiers say they are ready to defend the country. Violence against journalists is rare, and no major incidents were reported in recent years. The Ukraine invasion prompted a radical rethink, with both government and people wondering if they might not be safer after all „inside the tent”, sheltering under Nato’s collective protection known as „Article 5”. 104 infections per 100K people reported last 7 days. How Estonia became E stonia. Alar Karis, director of the Estonian National Museum, received support from 63 lawmakers with 16 blank votes and the rest either absent or abstaining in the 101 seat Riigikogu legislature. Title in English: Our LandDescription: An Estonian newspaper, appears twice a week. „Our aim together with our site’s Russian language version is to get up to 30,000 subscribers in five to six years. At the same time, the state secures better revenue in the form of environment fees and taxes when the prices are high,” Boyenko said. Providers were able to obtain a license in a relatively easy and cost effective way, resulting in Estonia issuing more than 4,000 licenses. Materials marked „Company News”, Blogs and PR published as advertisements. However, Washington did not believe this marked the start of a new offensive in the area, the official told reporters at a Pentagon briefing on condition of anonymity. The acts of this year’s Eurovision have been navigating a global pandemic to take part in Rotterdam. Ruled at various times during the middle ages by Denmark, the German knights of the Livonian Order, and Sweden, Estonia ended up part of the Russian Empire in the 18th century. These investments also put Estonia on the path to achieve the agreed target of a 70% emissions reduction by 2030, and to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Embassy has a right to delete incorrect bookings. None of these aspects has yet beenanalysed in detail, making it difficult to design mechanisms to address themNAO, 2014.

Chinese Authorities Prosecute Alleged Masterminds Behind MDC Pyramid Scheme

Embassy and Consular section will be closed Indian and Estonian bank holidays. 2015, Trends inEstonian Oil Shale Utilization, International Centre forDefence and Security, Tallinn, October 2015, ordan Kearns Trends in Estonian Oil Shale Utilization Oct 2015. Figures: Geographical size population gross domestic product GDP per capita in PPS. It will be accessible on a mobile phone and could be used for travel, or entry to venues. Snap Inc’s new specs promise AR overlays through glasses but are on limited release for now. Of President Donald Trump. All six crew members of the Helt have been saved after an explosion near Ukraine’s port of Odesa. RIGA NATO must keep strengthening defense capabilities in the Baltic, signaling to Moscow and P.

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Estonia hastransformed itself intoone of Europe’s business success stories of the last decade, mainly thanks to the sophisticated e solutions available here. Finnish flights to a city near its border with Russia were cancelled on March 8 until at least March 16, due to alleged jamming of GPS signals link in Finnish by the Russian Federation. 2015, Trends inEstonian Oil Shale Utilization, International Centre forDefence and Security, Tallinn, October 2015, ordan Kearns Trends in Estonian Oil Shale Utilization Oct 2015. ZGI 4, a fund managed by ZGI Capital, has invested EUR 1. In late March, collaboration on ExoMars, a plan to land a rover on Mars to drill into the soil and search for signs of life, was suspended as well. There were also reports of ransomware crews experiencing supply chain delays/issues due to the war in Ukraine. According to the government’s website Estonia’s bill is a reaction to guidance from the Financial Action Task Force on regulating crypto currencies and virtual asset service providers. Although not accepted as legal tender, Estonia’s government regards cryptocurrencies as „value represented in digital form”: accordingly, it classifies cryptocurrencies as digital assets for tax purposes but does not subject them to VAT. Estonia has moved to calm investor fears about tougher rules on cryptocurrency, a sector which has been a target of regulatory scrutiny for the Baltic nation since at least 2019. Improvinglabour mobility and training through activecollaboration between the central government,municipalities, employers and trade unions. Wales’ hopes of qualifying automatically for the World Cup are all but over after they are held to a goalless draw by group minnows Estonia. Coverage on their Football and Main Event channels begins at 7pm. Biz for as little as £10. „We have seen that Russia is aggressive against its neighbors,” she added. Readdle with their 100M product downloads. The deployment was increased in February by about 50 servicemen, to a total of 200 overall, on a three month basis. Please book an appointment on our registration site. In the southeast is the Haanja Upland, containing Suur Munamägi Great Egg Hill, which, at 1,043 feet 318 metres, is the highest point in Estonia. The digital tools allowed easy and quick transition to home offices when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, where other countries struggled to maintain a level of normality. The same taxation method applies to the acquisition of other goods and services like food, machinery, beauty goods, etc. A spokesperson for Cruz subsequently told Fox News: 'We know Sen. These projects, supported with EUfunds, have contributed to the tourism potential of north easternEstonia. To read up on ERR News’ comments rules and to contact ERR’s other services, please follow the link below.