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There tends to be a lot of overlap in knowledge in these solutions so it might be worth looking into multiple providers to prove yourself knowledgeable in the SD-WAN space. As well there are vendor neutral options like the CWNA and CWNE certification. F5 and Citrix both have popular load balancers that would fully compliment the résumé of anyone in the data center space. Let’s talk about why employers like to see certifications and then we’ll talk about which ones you should think about getting.

If you want to progress in your career, you should consider getting a master’s degree or, most importantly, a certification. These are the best paths to help you grow your network engineering career. Salary estimates vary, but according to ZipRecruiter, the average network engineer earns about $90,926.

Practical Linux For Network Engineers: Part 2

This certification can prove that you know how to install and troubleshoot LAN and WAN enterprise networks. This certification is available for people with one year of job experience as a network engineer, systems engineer, or network technician. If you want to move up once you enter the field, this is a good certification.

  • Learning a programming language like Python, Perl, or C++, Java, etc could boost up your style of working thereby making everything more efficient and productive.
  • More years of experience gives you a benefit over a fresher, as you have an in-depth understanding of how the market works.
  • This position holds responsibility for intricate surveying of the network systems and network requirements of the company.
  • Train to work with server and database administrators to identify network capacity requirements and recommend hardware and services to support network usage.

You also will need to understand how to install, uninstall, update, and configure software; know how to set up computer servers; and have an above-average knowledge of how to configure hardware. If you plan to work in the United States, you will need to have a clean criminal background and be able to pass a drug test, because most employers have such requirements. Some employers will require you to have at least a year of experience, especially if you do not hold a college degree. There are various ways to gain experience, such as volunteering at a nonprofit organization, if you are a new graduate or do not plan to earn a degree. In the past year over 147,000 jobs for Network Engineers were posted. As your skill improves, so also will your duties and responsibilities.

Start Learning Today

Starting a career in network engineering, you have the benefit of exploring many opportunities and positions before you. The benefit for any network engineer is the minimum education qualification required. Therefore, you could start by learning on your own and work through specialization courses. Therefore, a basic understanding of cloud computing skills in a network engineer could do wonders when applying for the role. Azure, AWS, GCP are some of the examples you could learn about.

  • Most people envision Hollywood movie footage of “Black Hawk Down” living in the desert eating C-rations.
  • Careers and roles in networking engineering vary greatly based on the industry, business, and technology.
  • This certification can prove that you are a problem solver in today’s core technologies.
  • Learn how the Microsoft Azure platform works and its key benefits for day-to-day business operations, including it’s enhanced flexibility for scalability and cost-effectiveness.
  • VMware certifications are also very useful as companies look to introduce NSX to their data centers.

The working hours for network engineer jobs are 40 hours a week. Computer network engineers are expected to have roughly 11,000 opportunities each year on average over the next decade despite the slow job growth. Considering the high demand, the number of network engineers is very less in the United States. This reason makes it some of the most prominent career niches of the current time that can offer you a fascinating remuneration.

Faq On How To Become A Network Engineer

Under his guidance, you can achieve this in a very short time period. They say that you require a degree in computer science or IT as a branch and then you need Certifications from CISCO and Microsoft.

how to become a linux network engineer

Earn CompTIA certifications to confirm your skills and grab employers’ attention. Work directly with software engineers on system development. Configure, operate, and monitor networks for Linux systems.

What Is The Demand For The Role?

Cisco may actually be lagging behind in this area however they are adding a test focusing on their SD-WAN solution with the 2020 updates. SD-WAN solutions like VeloCloud and Silverpeak are also very popular.

  • Cisco and Juniper really compete in this space due to their relatively complimentary product portfolios.
  • You should be proficient in communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and organization.
  • There are various ways to gain experience, such as volunteering at a nonprofit organization, if you are a new graduate or do not plan to earn a degree.
  • The result of this is that there are a lot of job candidates that you have to compete against for these jobs.
  • Working with them, however, will be an integral part of your job duties.

Certain types of computer systems analyst positions may also be available to you, where you will work on one area of networking, such as security or traffic. Master’s degree programs for computer networking typically cover more advanced and complex topics, as network engineers try to stay on the cutting edge of their field. They might take classes in systems architecture, data analytics, and systems engineering. Master’s degree programs may also have more of a business focus, which could result in classes like supply chain management, financial management, and intellectual property law. Both graduate and undergraduate programs are likely to involve internships or another form of hands-on learning. For entry-level network engineer jobs, you’ll first need to get your bachelor’s degree in network operations, information systems, IT, or computer engineering.

Scripting For Network Audit On A Cisco Device With Bonus

These networks can include an organization’s phones, computers, routers, intranet, and extranet. It’s the job of a network engineer or network administrator to plan, implement, and manage these business-critical systems—which is why it’s such a valued, well-paying role. As a network engineer, you’ll open the door to a world of benefits and opportunities. In addition to working with a diverse group of employees and departments, you’ll be able to continue learning and growing as you stretch to think outside the box. Add to that the ability to earn a fantastic salary while working with technology , and you’ll enter a profession that can provide a lifetime of stable, rewarding employment.

how to become a linux network engineer

In fact, networking engineering and architecting rank in the top five most essential skill sets for business. Acquire skills required like firewall and security, network design, etc. Yes, Network engineering is a good career option in the IT sector and the demand for this job role is at a tremendous growth rate. In addition to this, there is quite a limited workforce for this job role. A network engineer should have the necessary knowledge about the security protocols, methodologies, and processes for the network systems.

Learning Java may also be beneficial because it will be useful in automation testing. Since you will work with open-source networking tools, you should also consider learning Linux and Bash. Network engineers are responsible for the design and implementation of proper systems. They need to meet certain standards to make sure networks function normally. Your job will entail a lot of capacity management and IP address monitoring within data centers. Computer occupations, in general, are expected to increase by 11% between 2019 and 2029, with network and computer systems administrators seeing 4% growth in that period.

how to become a linux network engineer

With more than 10 years’ worth of experience in network engineering, your career path could go in several directions, depending on your area of specialization. It’s a good time to consider a career in Network Engineering. Network engineers get the opportunity to work in almost any industry alongside a team of skilled IT professionals. Melonlity January 25, 2014 Anyone wanting to get into the network engineering field is well advised to start learning Linux as early as possible. The article correctly points out that Linux is widely used in servers. Figuring out how to set up a Linux system, use the command line and configure hardware will help people figure out if they want to dig around in the guts of a machine for a living, too. To become a network engineer, you will need to have a solid and in-depth knowledge of how to set up, maintain, and secure computer networks of all sizes and types.

Software Defined Wan: The Wide Area Network Is Getting A Facelift

A solid understanding of database management systems, creative thinking, and fine research skills are some of the common skills required for a network analyst. A network administrator or the system administrator is often confused with a network engineer. It is a job profile that requires a professional who is highly skilled in managing and maintaining different types of computer networks. A network engineer is a tech professional who understands the inside out of a computer network system, hardware infrastructure, and other related systems. With an example as big as the Internet you understand the entirety of potential this network possesses. There is a clear disequilibrium between the demand for this role and the workforce ready for this position.

The expert is responsible for installing effective hardware and software tools to implement the proper functioning of the networks that align with network security. Besides a degree, many employers preferred a specialization degree in this job role related to the industry or field of network engineering. Computer network engineering jobs may require linux network engineer a fair amount of experience, since companies can’t afford to risk downtime. As such, it’s often best to start out with other IT or networking jobs to help gain that experience. Computer network technicians perform much of the hands-on installation and setup of network systems, often under the supervision of a more experienced network engineer.

Get More Practice, More Projects, And More Guidance

Online bootcamps are more affordable than in-person bootcamps. You can learn how to become a network engineer in only a few months.